”I’m actually determined to bomb Sydney airport it’s actually so s—. Melbourne’s airport is legit perfection compared to this. whOOPS,” the 17-year-old posted before boarding the flight.

In another tweet he wrote: ”Petition to burn down Sydney airport.”

One of his friends was on the wavelength of authorities, replying, ”um imagine if you get like moved into an interrogation room for typing that.”

Palazzolo was on his way to Melbourne from a European holiday, but got frustrated while in transit in Sydney.

”Why does Sydney airport exist? It’s so unorganized I want to stab myself,” he wrote.

”Sydney Airport needs to sTOP It’s so busy I can’t breaTHE.”

He’s since deleted his Twitter account.

An AFP spokesman said officers had spoken to Palazzolo and he’d been released without charge.

”The incident was determined to be a hoax and no further action will taken against him,” he said.

According to the Transport Security Act, threatening to blow up an airport can lead to a jail sentence.

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