Australians who have taken advantage of the cheap flights to the Korean capital are still being told to travel despite the growing tensions between the neighbouring nations but to “exercise normal safety precautions”.

Professor Andrew O’Neil, an Australian international relations expert who is currently on a business trip to Seoul, has said that North Korea has the power to fire multiple launch rocket systems as far as the capital.

O’Neil has informed visitors to stay in their hotel rooms if air strikes begin.

“If North Korea does launch a strike, US and South Korean intelligence has proven they can fire 20 rounds in one go and up to a thousand rounds of large scale rocket systems,” said O’Neil.

During previous altercations on the Korean peninsular South Korea has been reticent to retaliate.

South Korea have begun preparations in anticipation of the North’s impending missile test.

The Australian government has stated that although “contingency plans do exist for a circumstance where there is combat”, it should not be assumed “that the Australian government will evacuate citizens if the situation deteriorates”.

Aussies living in the Seoul area or those continuing their travels, have been told to keep updated on, as well as staying up to date with the local news for any increase in the severity of the dispute.

Image via Getty.