The woman was reportedly screaming “I love you!” as Jackman worked out at his local gym in the West Village district of Manhattan.

The stalker, identified as Kathleen Thurston, who resides in a shelter for the mentally ill, confronted Jackman as he exercised and approached him pulling the electric shaver from her trousers.

Mike Castle, a trainer at the gym, told the New York Post “She was crying. I physically removed her from the place, then I called the cops.”

Police officers in the Crime Scene Unit later performed a DNA test and matched the pubic hairs in the shaver to the woman who confronted the actor.

This wasn’t the Wolverine star’s first encounter with Thurston, who has now been officially charged with stalking “Here’s a woman who obviously needs help so I just hope she gets the help she needs” Jackman has told reporters, according to Gothamist.

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