From what was a meat and three vegetable nation 20 years ago, Australia’s dining standards today are significantly more sophisticated.

Perhaps the greatest influence on Australia’s culinary scene has come from its Asian neighbours. No longer satisfied with Japanese fare, capital cities across the nation have been flooded with Thai, Japanese, Indian and Malayasian restaurants.

Not that it’s all rice and noodles. Anywhere along the coast great seafood is normally available. And of course, after building a nation on agriculture, quality beef will feature prominently on most menus.

Suffering from the affects of prolonged drought in recent years, fresh food has become more expensive, but quality generally remains high.



Beer is Australia’s most popular alcoholic drink. What state (territory, not sobriety) you’re in will strictly determine what beer you should be drinking.

  • Queensland = XXXX Gold
  • New South Wales = Tooheys New
  • Victoria = Victoria Bitter
  • Tasmania = Cascade
  • South Australia = Cooper’s
  • Western Australia = Swan
  • Darwin = Victoria Bitter

Australia also has a thriving viticulture industry. The wine regions in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Hunter Valley in New South Wales and Margaret River in Western Australia are world-class. You’ll be able to find top quality brands like Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Wynn’s and Brown Brothers in all liquor stores (locally known as bottle shops) and on most menus.



Drinking water from the tap in Australia is fine.