Welcome to the laser garden at Canberra’s Floriade Festival Nightfest.

When the sun goes down, 70 lasers create a weird cross between the Matrix, a fairy grotto and an Alice in Wonderland underworld.

The green lasers dance around like fireflies, while purple lasers spin like a black hole.

Creator Dan Mercer from Mandy Lights said his team had been excited about experimenting with the fairly new lighting technology this year.

“We thought it was a cool way to highlight such an unnatural form of lighting in a natural setting,” Mr Mercer told AAP at a media sneak preview on Tuesday.

“We definitely tried to create immersive spaces in there.”

Mr Mercer agreed that the effect was kind of like a drug-taking experience, without the drugs, but joked that probably wasn’t how ACT Tourism wanted to sell it.

“I’m not a drug user. It’s not something that came to mind at all when we were putting it together,” he said, laughing.

Now in it’s sixth year, Nightfest attracts about 23,000 people through the gates to see the million or so tulips and other flowers in shining lights.

The usual fair of live music, gourmet food, comedy and circus performances are on offer.

The Electric Theatre, like an open air big top circus tent, is a new addition, and will feature flame throwers and jugglers. 

Nightfest: September 25-29, 6.30pm – 10.30pm. Tickets available at www.floriadeaustralia.com

Photo: Chris Holly