The study by on-line company Hostelworld, uncovered travel trends among Australians and six other major nations including the UK, France, Germany, the US, Brazil and South Korea.

It also discovered that other Australians are the people that other Aussies most want to meet while they’re travelling. A trend not set solely among themselves, as British, American and Germans declared Australians as the people they most want to meet while abroad.

Hostelworld’s Ottokar Rosenberger reckons, “People think that going travelling can be expensive but it can be done at low cost. Budget travel is better and easier than ever before, with hostels becoming more stylish, comfortable and better equipped, while still being affordable and social. There’s never been a better time for Australians to get out there and meet the world.”

The report also suggests that despite Australians being far away from Europe they’re still way ahead of Europeans on the air miles front.

“People living in Europe may have dozens of countries on their geographic doorstep but Australians have a real appetite for travel. Taking extended trips to see Europe, the Americas and elsewhere is a great way to see the world,” he said.