If you aren’t already, go follow @Australia on Instagram. It’ll pad out the space between posts of selfies and someone’s breakfast (you’ll thank us for that alone), and give you the best photos being snapped across Oz.

Compare their achievement to the competition and things get much more impressive. Canadian Tourism Commission has 131 thousand followers, Tourism New Zealand has 30 thousand and VisitBritain with a mere 11 thousand. Crikey, the Aussies blew them out the water.

It’s not surprising when you consider the sensational natural beauty of this country. Seems like the rest of the world just can’t get enough of our kangaroos either.

“Our followers are posting these images because they have a genuine desire to share their many personal and positive Australian holiday experiences and, by doing so, play a part in promoting a country they love,” Tourism Australia managing director, John O’Sullivan said.

Not just that, but research from Tourism Australia suggests that the Instagram account is actually going the distance in tempting overseas visitors to our sunny shores. Of 1300 overseas Instagram followers surveyed, around 91% said the @Australia account led them to find out more about Australia as a holiday destination, 87% said the account made them more likely to travel to Australia and 43% were currently planning a trip to visit here.

Pretty sweet, ey? That’ll show ‘em who’s boss!