South Australia is luring Brits to move over the pond with the offer of jobs like koala poo collecting, beer tasting and shark tagging.

The Adelaide recruitment drive aims to encourage more 18-30 year old Britons to move to Australia on a one-year working visa. The hope is that, once there, people will choose to settle for good.

However, the traditional pulls of sunshine and an excuse to get drunk every night are not yielding the desired numbers, leading officials to come up with a selection of weird jobs to tempt the British public.

Other roles include beach babe judge and the possibility of remodelling homes for penguins.

Countries usually only want to attract skilled workers but South Australia says it’s also targeting bored office workers and shelf stackers.

Research for the state found seven in 10 Brits want to escape their tedious jobs.

South Australia’s London agent, Bill Muirhead, said: “This isn’t about one job everyone has to compete for but about showing South Australia offers more exciting work options than anywhere else.”

Officials from the state are touring Britain over the next few weeks to get 18 to 30-year-olds to apply for working holiday visas.

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