Freefalling for him 
By Terhi Ruuskanen

My skydive instructor asked if I wanted to kiss him and soon I was freefalling with him – and for him.

I did my first jump in New Zealand. I was scared of heights and wanted to get over it. I thought skydiving was best way to do it.

There was me, my friend and two skydivers on the plane. I was excited and a little bit scared. The skydivers asked if we wanted to kiss them while freefalling. We were feeling a bit giddy, so we said yes. Is enough oxygen to think properly up there?

So we kissed while freefalling. And again at a bar later that night.

My skydiver was from Australia and was going to the Gold Coast, where I was studying. So back in the land of kangaroos we spent a month together. We did another skydive, this time I was facing him and we kissed all the way to the ground.

Eventually he left overseas for work.

I never imagined us to be more than a fling. What can you except of a guy who asks you to kiss him at his work place?

It was a good fling: exciting, but short. Just like a skydive.