It’s not you, it’s my travels
By Terhi Ruuskanen

He left me the day I bought my round-the-world ticket. First I didn’t understand and tried to change what he was saying. I tried to convince him to stay with me, at least for the month until my departure.

He said he was into me, but didn’t want to miss me when I was gone.

I have been there before. But it had always been me who left a guy behind because of my travels.

This was just another failed relationship and all because of my love of travelling.

I got to thinking about things we sacrifice for our journeys: broken hearts at the airport, the relationships that don’t even have a chance to begin, all the lovers left along the way…

But can a true traveller be in a long distance relationship? I wonder if a trip will ever be as exciting if you are held down – emotionally at least – by a person on the other side of the globe? Surely it’s better to be single?

This is exactly where I am now: happily single, but still liking the guys. After settling down for a while in Australia, I’m hitting the road again, coming back to Melbourne eventually.

Whatever happens after that, will be another story. A new one, even if I end up with the same guy… [More next week].