The Australian election will be the closest ever as polls open tonight with the two candidates neck and neck. However, according to Dirty Harry the psychic crocodile, Julia Gillard’s Labor Party, which is currently in power, is a dead cert to win the 2010 Election.

The last opinion poll before Australia’s election day put Gillard and Tony Abbott, the leader of the Liberal-National Coalition, on 50 per cent of the vote each.

But why bother with anything so trite as an opinion poll when you’ve got Dirty Harry the Psychic Crocodile to predict the winner for you?

Jumping unashamedly on the bandwagon of Paul the Oracle Octopus, who correctly predicted that Spain would win the World Cup, the 16m crocodile is flaunting his psychic skills in Darwin Zoo.

“Harry’s come over to the area, he’s lifted his head in the air and he’s just nailed Gillard as clean as you want,” crocodile handler Nigel Palmer told AFP news agency.

Harry the Psychic Crocodile has predicted the winner of the Australian Election 2010.


According to his keeper, Harry the Psychic Crocodile predicted that Spain would win the World Cup and has also given some winning tips on horse races.

Harry isn’t alone in predicting that Gillard’s Labor Party will win Australia’s election, most analysts expect her centre-left party to hang on to power for a second three-year term, albeit with a slim majority.

However, Australian tabloid newspapers are backing Abbott’s Liberal-National Coalition, with a cry of “Yes he can” from the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Gillard could also face a backlash at the ballot box over her seizing control from former PM Kenn Rudd less than two months ago.

Election results will be in tomorrow as polls close at 1800 (0800GMT).

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