In an open letter, Bill Muirhead, Agent General for South Australia, said antipodeans living temporarily or permanently in the UK should “restrict consumption … to guaranteed Australian-only sources”.

He added: “You will be concerned about, and unaccustomed to, the current issues which the UK authorities are attempting to resolve regarding proper oversight of the meat-processing supply chain.

“If you are worried about the quality and provenance of meat-based foodstuffs which you purchase/have purchased in the UK, our current advice is that you should not consume them.”

On behalf of the South Australian government, Muirhead praised meat-based food products sourced from Down Under.

“From fish to fowl and from field to fork, we put heart and soul into our food – in the figurative sense – and nothing more. Our food packs enough punch not to need the extra horsepower,” he said.

The letter continues: “Until the UK authorities are able to ensure integrity of supply, you may wish to restrict consumption of such products to guaranteed Australian-only sources.

“Meat-based foodstuffs sourced from South Australia are untainted as a result of the highly rigorous testing regimes applied, and the country’s extensive and strict regulatory approach. 

“You will also be aware that the food-monitoring function in South Australia is, unlike that of the UK, heavily resourced to ensure strict adherence to quality standards and to eliminate any risk of adulteration at any point in the supply chain.”

An information point has been set up at the Office of the South Australian Government, WC2B 4LG, where Aussies can pick up a directory of outlets selling South Australian products.