Space is always at a premium in your backpack. So why not 
save some room, leave your swimming togs at home, and 
try one of Australia’s many clothing optional beaches. Perverted, gross, sick… there are many adjectives that some people like to use for a clothes optional beach, and the people that frequent them. 

The fact is, the majority of people that go to them are just normal people that have discovered the enjoyment of not worrying about clothes at the beach. And once you’ve been, you’ll understand why. It’s just an amazingly freeing feeling. And hey, it gives a great all over tan!

In Europe, clothes optional beaches are more the norm than clothing only. But all around the world, clothes optional is becoming more common. So don’t be shy, you’re on an adventure of discovery. If you’re willing to jump out of a plane at 15,000ft, or drink yourself into a blind stupor, going nude on a beach will literally be a breeze.

Clothes optional means exactly that. It’s not the law that you remove all your clothes, but you might stick out a bit as an oddity if you sit there covered up when all around you are butt naked. But people are a lot more open and friendly on nude beaches. It’s difficult to be an angry person when you have no clothes on!

All but two of the states have had legal free beaches for many years. Lagging behind, Queensland and Tasmania are both moving towards allowing free beaches and have a number of unofficial ones now. 

A quick Google search will bring up a number of organisations promoting clothes optional beaches around Australia. The most official of which is The Australian Naturist Federation. 

PERTH – Swanborne Beach
Easy to reach, it’s just down from the main beach at Perth. There’s no shade, however, so bring plenty of suncream and water.

Melbourne – Sunnyside North in Mt Eliza
It’s about 30km south of Melbourne, making this beach a little less accessible, but it’s a great spot for safe swimming.

Noosa Heads, Queensland – Alexandria Beach
This is one of the unofficial ones and probably the most popular in Queensland.

Sydney – Lady’s Bay and Cobblers Beach
Easy access and the most popular in Sydney.

Byron Bay – Belongil Beach
A really nice beach just north of the main beach from Byron.

Adelaide – Maslin Beach
Australia’s first legal naturist beach. Just walk south from the main beach for the clothing optional part of the sand.