When the terrible earthquakes struck Christchurch in 2011 it wasn’t just the people of that fine city who were shaken to their core. So too was Sanitarium, New Zealand’s only producer of the breakfast spread, Marmite.

But now, nearly a year since the last jars of Marmite disappeared from the shelves of New Zealand’s convenience stores, supermarkets and corner stores, the producers of the hugely popular spread are back in business.

A statement from Sanitarium released yesterday finally heralded the end of ‘Marmageddon’ and an end to months of despair and darkness that had spread from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South.

It said: “You’ve rationed, you’ve scraped, you’ve survived Marmaggedon – and now the wait is over!”

“From March 20, Marmite is back on supermarket shelves across NZ. Thanks for not freaking out and for waiting patiently for the black gold’s return.”

Retailers across New Zealand though have been told to ration perspective customers to just two jars per person until supply of the moreish spread is made more readily available.

Let the bells of celebration peal out, no more must untold numbers of Kiwi’s spread their yeast extract so thinly they can barely taste it.

Lather it on thickly, brothers and sisters! Wallow in your own crapulence!