Ah, the power of great hair. Rachel from Friends had it, Kim Sears has it and we all want it. We want it so bad that we spend a whopping £6 billion on hairdressers each year.

So, it’s a bit strange that for something that matters this much, we still make decisions about it in a very haphazard way.

You know the deal. You need a change, you don’t know what, exactly, and somehow the life and colour of your precious locks rely solely upon an airbrushed Google image of Cheryl Cole. And that’s before the completely clueless search for the right stylist at the right salon has begun.

Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past and it’s all down to this great new app – HAIRCVT.

Not only does it let you browse thousands of real (yes real) hairstyles on everyday people, but you can filter by styles that will work for your own unique hair and search for looks that may take your fancy.

Once you click a style, you can explore the portfolio of the salon – including top names like John Frieda, Gina Conway and Easton Regal and up-and-coming salons – and the stylist behind it, along with a few personal details, to make sure you’re picking the right match.

Then, everything you need to call and book is at your fingertips – the hairstyle lottery is no more!


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