There is something of George Clooneys’ Three Kings – or Kelly’s Heroes perhaps for those with a filmic knowledge that goes back a little further – in this tale of disenfranchised soldiers who go out on a mission of their own – to steal the money they feel they have been owed by the employers who have used and abused and in this case disowned them. 

Jude Law stars as unemployed submarine captain who, along with a suitably ragtag band of misfits, sets out in a sub to find a long lost sunken German u-boat – which reportedly is laden with millions of Hitler’s gold. Only once the crew are submerged it becomes a testing mission in ways they were not expecting as crew members start to realise that there is more money for the individual if there are fewer hands to share it among.

Law makes for a confident lead, if his Scottish accent leaves a little to be desired, but it is really an ensemble flick with cracking support from Scott McNairy (MonstersArgo) and Melbourne’s Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises) as the member of the team who the others decide is a bit of a “liability” to say the least. 

Black Sea is out December 5 courtesy of Universal.