Travel Writing Awards Entry

By Vedad Mešanović

People can not understand that life is maze with no solution,
its like marriage – you start little fight and you already started a revolution.
You always avoid thinking about things that are bad,
but in the ones that are happy, you also find something sad.

I don’t know but so many times,
we all heard so many lies.
Still we move on,
Like happiness was always there,
You think bad memories are gone but they always stay,
You just turn your head back to take one more look,
And you already lost your way.

You need to find what you need and forget about things you had,
You think about happy memories but you always find poverty of some that were always sad.
We always search for something that we can not find,
Even if you don’t want to, you realize that life will never treat you kind.

Whole life you fight for things you love,
There are not many but you always find some.
You use all you have and when you win,
Those things are already gone.

You lie yourself about things you want but all those things are already hear,
You think you are not ready to pick them up but all that is simple fear.
Fear from moments that are present in your life anywhere you choose,
You are afraid of the fact that all happy things you find you always loose.

Sweet memories always give you strength to look for more,
You go deep and deep inside your heart but at the end you find salty core.
You think about things that are full of love and happiness, but what is the cost:
You realize that all those things you thought you have are already lost.