The Bay of Islands has an amazing range of eateries, everything from vegetarian to seafood, beachside to riverside, indoor and outdoor, town and country. However, it is a good idea to make a reservation as many places can often be booked out. Paihia has many fine restaurants and eatieres and enjoys some of the freshest seafood in the country. Be sure to visit the Only Seafood Restaurant and also 35 Degrees South Aquarium restaurant which provides views over the water and a central aquarium filled with local fish. Gannets Restaurant claims to be the best spot for seafood in the Bay of Islands. Another option is to explore the local scene
and get into a beachside barbecue with a day trip on one of the local


Visiting the Bay of Islands provides you with a great chance to explore  the local wineries. Most vineyards have a restaurant on site with great food and more than a drop of the local vintage. Marsden Estate in Keri Keri is a popular destination for food and wine lovers. There are also plenty of traditional pubs and bars throughout the region if you want to sample the nightlife.


The water from the tap in New Zealand is fine to drink.