A 30ft beached whale in north-east England has died after becoming stranded on Redcar beach, in spite of attempts by firefighters to save it by spraying it with water.

The whale was part-submerged, but still breathing, on the Cleveland beach at 6.10am on Tuesday. 

Firefighters sprayed the whale with jets and put a cordon around it to stop it getting stressed by the presence of onlookers. But sadly, it was confirmed that the whale died just after 9am.

Whale stranded on Redcar beach


A police spokeswoman said: “On arrival the whale was still alive and partially submerged in seawater.

“Police contacted the coastguard, the local authority, the fire brigade, RSPCA and specialist marine animal welfare agencies.

“Police kept a cordon round the animal while they awaited colleagues from other organisations to arrive.

“Sadly, the whale was pronounced dead just after 9am.

“Arrangements for its disposal will be made by local authority environmental health officers and members of the public are asked to stay away from that area of the beach until this is complete.”