The site said Seychelle couldn’t help being busty as she’d  “just given birth to Jesus”. The restrictive dating site which excludes anyone deemed ugly from signing up for its dating services, offered men the chance to go on a date with Seychelle, who is pictured posing as a sexy ‘Virgin Mary’, bursting out of a blue dress.

The auction was to raise money for charity as well as giving a publicity boost.

eBay, however, removed the listing, claiming that the content was “adult”.

In the picture accompanying the listing, Seychelle poses next to a hoard of hot nativity scene extras including a buff, bare-chested Joseph and a pair of leggy angels. spokespeople are outraged at the move and can’t understand on what grounds eBay classified their sexy Christmas posting as inappropriate.

Seychelle, a model and member of the site, said: “I’m a single girl and I joined the website to find love, so I hope I meet a nice boy.

“It’s crazy that eBay got rid of our auction on their site. The money is for charity.”

Greg Hodge, managing director of, said: “eBay accused us of posting adult content onto their website – but we simply uploaded portrait photos of our nativity stars as they appear on our home page in the hope we’d raise money for charity.

“We were forced to quickly build our own auction platform and gather blind bids, through our website.

“We are confident we can still raise a decent amount of money and will announce the winner on January 5.”

Mr Hodge added: “It’s not like we were the first to auction a date on eBay. Scarlet Johansson auctioned herself on the site for Oxfam.

“I’m also not sure how our posting is adult content. Everyone is dressed and although Mary is busty, she has just given birth to Jesus.” has courted controversy before, again granting it mass media coverage.

Last year the site was attacked by a computer virus, allowing  30,000 unapproved new members gained admittance. Embarrassingly for the ‘ugly’ new members, they were subsequently booted off the site.

“We have to stick to our founding principles of only accepting beautiful people – that’s what our members have paid for,” said Hodge. “We can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.”

What do you think? Are these just remarkably clever PR gimmicks?