What’s more, a survey from Hiscox conducted with a similar number of UK adults shows that women care more about keeping up appearances than men – especially those living in London. Hiscox uncovered UK beauty statistics which are a sign of the times and just how willing people are to pay good money to improve their appearance, which makes these simple beauty methods below (that won’t break the bank) that much more surprising.

The simple secrets of beautiful hair

For those who happen to suffer from fly-away and frizzy hair that simply won’t behave, there’s a simple remedy that can lead to instant relief. Slice two lemons and allow them to simmer in two cups of water until further reduced to half the amount. You can place this is in a bottle to act as an effective hairspray!

On the other hand, if you want to boost your natural hair colour, you can mix a couple of rosemary sprigs with about two teaspoons of black tea in two cups of water, simmering them the same way as the frizzy hairspray. You can then add this concoction to about a fourth of a cup of shampoo.

Smooth skin to bare your back with a dress

There are a lot of reasons why you might want smooth skin, but one of the main reasons would be to bare your back with that beautiful dress you just bought. All you have to do is take about half a cup of olive oil and mix it with a cup of sea salt. You then add about five drops of sandalwood oil and make sure that it mixes well. Afterward, place it in a jar of your choice and you can use it as a scrub for smooth skin. No need to go to extreme measures and no need to splurge on expensive beauty treatments – which is something that people from London are known for, compared to other regions.

Taking care of tired eyes

A proper eyewash is tricky, but you can follow this method for an easy wash. A few drops of rose water, and two or three drops of honey in a bowl of iced spring water. You can then soak your eye in it, opening and closing it for a short amount of time – after which you can remake the solution and do the same with your other eye. With a quick wash, your tired eyes will feel better than ever.

To conclude, there are plenty more beauty secrets out there that don’t take too much effort to create. While statistics have shown that most UK adults trust professionals for beauty treatments, it wouldn’t hurt to give these home beauty treatments a try.