Nuremberg is famed for its small bratwurst (sausages), which traditionally come three in a bread roll with mustard, or served with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage).

Nuremberg gingerbread is also a firm favourite. It doesn’t actually contain ginger — just a sweet, potent mixture of spices. Lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies) are especially popular during the Christmas market.

Speaking of Christmas, this is the time to loosen your belt a notch. The market is packed with stalls selling sweet treats such as marzipan and fruit on a stick dipped in chocolate. Also take the chance to try goose, which is the preferred Christmas dinner in Bavaria.

Be warned: German food is heavy on the waistline. Expect large slabs of meat accompanied by potatoes and minimal greenery, washed down with beer.


It’s all about the beer in Bavaria, though glüwein (mulled wine) is the popular choice at the Christmas market. You’re given a mug with your first purchase, so after that you just ask for a refill.

Join the locals and slug down a few steins with your dinner – you’ll find most bars are primarily food joints.


Tap water is safe to drink.