The top five drinking cities in the world. Feel no shame if this is what you plan your travels around. TNT understands.

1. Havana, Cuba
What:  Hedonists with a taste for rum and salsa should get their dancing shoes down to Cuba’s bustling capital. Try the island’s numerous rum varieties by drinking them neat or mixed in a delicious cocktail. If you want to see where the alcohol began its life, take a tour of one of the country’s sugar cane plantations.
Drink this: Slurp mojitos and Cuba libres.
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2. Kraków, Poland
What: The Poles will tell you that their wodka is the best in the world, and who’s to tell them otherwise? (Except, perhaps the Russians). Drink it neat in one gulp as the locals do.
Drink this: Try Zubrowka. Every bottle contains a stem of grass from the Bialowieza forest, where bison feed.
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3. Dublin, Ireland
What: Practically a meal in a drink, Guinness is a black malty liquid topped with a generous head of white froth. Learn about the history of Ireland’s most popular beverage at the Guinness Storehouse.
Drink this: Guinness, of course!
A weekend in Dublin

Top drinking cities in the world

4. Bordeaux, France
What: Gen up on France’s best wines by visiting the vineyards surrounding Bordeaux. Join a tasting session or float above the area in a hot-air balloon.
Drink this: Big name wines include Mouton-Rothschild, but try the boutique varieties.
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5. Munich, Germany
What: Drink like a Bavarian in Germany’s beer capital, Munich. The city’s annual Oktoberfest festival sees revellers downing 6 million litres of beer in 16 days.
Drink this: Try Marzen and Altbier, brought to you by strong beer wenches, who can carry six steins at a time.
Oktoberfest, beer…and more!

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