We love the perspective of this shot, with the bridge giving the impression of an eternal tunnel to nowhere. “Kapellbrücke, when translated, means Chapel Bridge,” Tim explains. “We arrived here in the late evening and were admiring the beauty of the bridge and the delicate lights by night. We had no idea that when we woke up in the morning, we would be met by the magnificent sight of mountains. It’s an entirely different place in the morning to how it is in the evening.”


Peterhof Gardens, St Petersburg, Russia
by Kristina Pennell, Brisbane, Australia.

WHY IT WORKS Those who think of snow drifts and furry hats when they hear the word ‘Russia’ are offered an entirely different perspective by this picturesque garden scene. “Peterhof Gardens in the spring and summer is absolutely stunning,” Kristina tells us. “In such a country where you think everything is cold and miserable, finding a place like this moved me to capture a different side of Russia, in a different type of glory.”


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