Private charter jets fly to some of the best hiking destinations in the USA, let’s take a look at some of them. 

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Private Jet

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can be appreciated for its almost 4 million acres of woods in more than 20 separate state parks. Fall colours can be appreciated in all their splendour with peak viewing opportunities in between mid-September and mid-October. What distinguishes this destination is the location of the Upper Peninsula, which is surrounded by three Great Lakes, which represent the beauty of the foliage. 

Many people flying via private jet into the Upper Peninsula would consider Sawyer International Airport as an excellent choice for private charter jet accommodation. The location is an excellent middle-ground for any UP destination, in Marquette, MI, and provides a wide range of services you may need.

Private Jet Charter to Portland, Maine

Portland provides a wide range of activities to draw tourists to the city during October. During this time the trees are splendidly alive with colour on Bradbury Mountain, there are festivals taking place in Portland, such as Harvest on the Harbor, where spectators get the chance to help pick and coronate the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year. 

Hiking on Bradbury Mountain is a perfect way to experience the fall show as it is taking part in the bike-sharing system of the area. Portland Fall tourists usually fly into Portland International Airport.

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Wyoming on a Private Charter Jet

The scenery at the Teton Mountain range is just breathtaking, in addition to the other spectacular woods that offer a colour kaleidoscope for your viewing pleasures. Autumn is an exceptional time of year for visiting the town. It’s usually well ahead of winter weather trends but gives a brisk snap to the breeze that shows the way about winter.  

Explore Grand Teton National Park or sit back and take in the experience. There are plenty of top-notch resorts in the region that offer every luxury you can imagine while also providing a rustic charm that few other places in the world can be found.

Flying to Jackson Hole Airport provides the most convenient access to the area and offers spectacular views from the sky.

Hiking holiday in Salt Lake City

There are several trailheads in downtown Salt Lake City to take you to the mountains in no time. A 3.6-mile paved trail parallels a shimmering stream through vibrant forests, home to a varied mix of waterfowl. 

If you want, you can stretch your legs further afield by booking on the three-hour Big Cottonwood Canyon Tour. The tour provides impressive sightings of wildlife, including deer and moose, as well as plenty of photo opportunities to capture the overwhelming atmosphere. 

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Hiking in Phoenix, Arizona USA 

Camelback Mountain in Arizona provides some of the most sought-after views of Phoenix, at an elevation of 2,704 feet. There’s over a 1k ft climb to the top of the Echo Canyon Trail, and for less experienced hikers, it certainly isn’t perfect. Why not book Sedona a day out, for a total change of scenery. Take the time to visit the luminous red and orange Bell Rock formations at Montezuma Castle National Monument and see the Native American ruins with your own eyes.

Hiking holiday in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

You will enjoy hiking trails, surfing, and walking around the breweries after you arrive at Fort Collins. The Horseshoe Mountain Open Space is a full 2,700-acre site open to visitors for year-round enjoyment. You can camp wild here too, and even catch your supper by fishing in one of the many beautiful lakes. Another of the roads, the Poudre Trail, follows the flowing Poudre Rivers for more than 12 miles through forests and agricultural areas.

Walnut Canyon in Flagstaff, Arizona USA 

The views and the elegance of this place are exceptional.  

The Walnut Canyon hiking trail, just 15 minutes from Flagstaff, provides exciting lessons in the history of ancient cave houses that once stood up to the volcanic cinder cone 1000 feet above the National Forest of Coconino.

Travelling to a beautiful hiking destination by private jet is the ultimate way to enjoy scenic destinations in the USA, to escape, and to have an unbelievable hike to reset your chakras.