If, however, a pink or blue card containing  a bad poem or soppy message just won’t cut it this Valentine’s Day (or if you actually hate your boyfriend/ girlfriend) then these could be the cards for you.

Studentbeans.com has created a line of free Valentine’s Day cards for “for those who want to give Love a good punch in the face… Or for when the sickly sweetness of Valentine’s gets a just a little too much.”

The anti-Valentine’s Day cards cover romantic themes such as bunny-boiling, stalking and, erm, hair-collection.

There’s one for every psychopathic tendency. Enjoy.

Girlfriend love animals? This is the card for her.

Do you make wax figures of your exes and stick pins in them? There’s a card for that.

For those who think stalking is actually a slightly intense compliment.


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Not too picky? Here’s a Valentine’s Day card that cuts to the chase.

Make sure he/ she opens this one in front of colleagues.

Make sure you open your present before handing over this one.