Billed as “a funny musical” Ian McFarlane’s daft bit of escapism takes place in present day New York and an enchanted kingdom which exists in a parallel dimension.

Don’t expect to find anything deep or philosophical, though, in a ludicrous plot which sees blocked writer Bailey embark on a totally ridiculous adventure with camp resting actor Cooper who turns up uninvited and wants to be his new roomie.

With just three days to go before the deadline to deliver his second novel – a fairy tale fantasy for adults – Bailey hasn’t written a word. But there’s more than enough inspiration to be found the other side of a locked door which, Narnia-like, takes him and Cooper into another world.

Steven Webb delivers Cooper’s throwaway lines with aplomb and perfect comic timing, whilst Ashleigh Gray has fun as Miranda – a disembodied head with a heavy Teutonic accent. The rest of the cast throw themselves into various roles – from Mexican musicians to reporters – with gusto.

But despite valiant efforts from Peter Duncan (as a swaggering star in one world and a travelling player and a prince in another) it all wears rather thin and wearisome, its efforts to please as obvious as the writhings of American Ellen Greene’s nymphomaniac Nymph Queen as she tries to seduce both Bailey and the completely disinterested Copper who, in a nice touch, is far more interested in her costume than its contents.

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Until September 10

– Louise Kingsley