Royal Ascot Bargains

It’s not long now ‘til Royal Ascot, so before you buy your hat, make sure you’ve booked yourself a ticket. And you can bag yourself an awesome bargain with our TNT Exclusive offer. For just £30, you get access to the Silver Ring, three free drinks, a £2 Tote bet and a Racecard, saving you more than 25 per cent. Up for something a little more decadent?

Our Grandstand and Pavilion package includes complimentary afternoon tea and more for £85 (saving £37 per person). Must be booked by June 14. Call 01344 878536, quoting TNTRA2013. For full details of offers see

Fast Food For Less

Not sure how ethical it is of TNT to tell you this, but if you register at, you can download a whole sheet of vouchers that clinches you everything from 2-4-1 Whoppers to chicken nuggets and fries for under £2.50.

Vouchers must be downloaded by July 14, but are valid until July 21. There are 18 deals in total. Disclaimer: we will not be blamed for ensuing obesity.




Photo: RPM