After the chain’s latest plummeting sales figures, Hooters is making a few alterations.  However, that frat boy image will not be abandoned fully.

Hooters won’t be doing away with their busty servers, oh no, that’s a little too drastic. But the big bosses reckon a healthier menu, including salads and low-fat options will attract a larger female clientele… they do make up half the population after all.

While approximately two thirds of Hooters’ clientele are men, “There’s an opportunity to broaden the net without putting wool sweaters on the Hooters girls,” said Hooters CEO Terry Marks to Bloomberg Buisinessweek.

“Everything we do should appeal more to women, but nothing we will do will turn men off,” continued mark.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Hooters’ profits peaked in 2007 with $960 million but the “recession took a toll, and sales have decreased every year since.” The chain’s financial figures dropped to $858 million in 2011.

The most obvious design change will be large windows, explained Chief Marketing Officer Dave Henninger to Bloomberg: “For those folks who are convinced there’s something to hide inside a Hooters, this new design should disabuse them of that notion.”

Photo: Getty Images