The over-spilling of emotion came at the fourth Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the city’s University of East Anglia, when rival fan groups got on each other’s way leading to the police being called to break up the geek-fisticuffs.

Sci-fi-fans from Norwich Star Wars club, which organised the event, verbally abused two members of the rival Norwich Sci-Fi Club, which also run their own space-fest in the East Anglian city.

Norwich Sci-Fi Club treasurer Jim Poole came to the event to collect some autographs from Doctor Who actors Graham Cole and Jeremy Bulloch but came under attack from people at the rival club when he arrived and so called the police.

The Force arrived to break things up and restore calm, interviewing a number of people before ordering the opposing groups to stay away from one another.

“It’s a bit sad and pathetic,” said Norwich Sci-Fi Club treasurer Jim Poole to the BBC.

Photo: Getty