A man shot in the head in an ambush outside a bikie gang club house in
suburban Geelong on Wednesday has died in a Melbourne hospital.

dead man, 51, of Torquay, near Geelong, and a 34-year-old Geelong West
man were wounded outside the Bandidos motorcycle gang headquarters in
the Geelong suburb of Breakwater shortly after 6pm (AEDT).

say a volley of shots was fired from a white utility vehicle parked
outside the club house at four men as they left the premises, near the
corner of Bayldon Court and Leather Street.

Two of the men were not injured.

Detective Sergeant Mark Zervaas of the armed crime taskforce said the vehicle may have been an older style twin-cab utility.

“We’ve had four males leave that premises and we’ve had shots fired from a vehicle that was outside the premises,” he told AAP.

“Several shots were fired and two of the males exiting the club have received injuries.”

Both injured men were rushed to the Geelong Hospital.

The critically injured man was flown to The Alfred hospital in Melbourne, where he died about 1.30am (AEDT) today.

The other man is in a stable condition at the Geelong Hospital with gunshot wounds to his left forearm, buttocks and thigh.

Police believe a shotgun was used in the ambush.

The two uninjured men who witnessed the attack have provided statements and are co-operating with detectives, Sgt Zervaas said.

The utility was driven away west along Leather Street after the shooting.

Police have asked anyone who saw a white utility speeding along the street to come forward.

The homicide squad has now taken charge of the investigation.

Det Sgt Zervaas would not comment on suggestions the shooting was part of an ongoing turf war between rival motorcycle gangs.

But this is the second shooting incident at the Bandidos’ Geelong headquarters in less than 18 months.

In March last year, more than 30 shots were fired into the clubhouse and a car outside it was riddled with bullets.

At the time, Geelong detectives said the shooting may have been part of a bikie turf war.