Margaret Thatcher passed away yesterday, with several parties and celebrations taking place around the country, including events in London, Glasgow and Bristol.

Mr Blair said to the BBC of these impromptu events:

“I think that’s pretty poor taste. You’ve got to, even if you disagree with someone very strongly, – particularly at the moment of their passing – show some respect.”

Thatcher’s three-terms in power as the UK’s first female prime minister was a history-defining yet contentious one, her privatisation of many formerly state-run industries and services marking her as a figure of disdain for many on the political left.

While there are many who disagree with Thatcher’s politics and her time as PM, even those within the Labour party have spoken of her power as a politician and her position on the world stage.

Baroness Thatcher’s funeral is to take place next Wednesday in London.

Photo: Getty.