A close family member, who has not been identified, warned Brown the Houston clan is ‘not fond of him’.

Houston and Brown’s 14-year marriage was filled with reports of the pair trading blows in private and public,  and Brown has often been accused of introducing Houston to illegal drugs such as crack cocaine.

He also released an autobiography in which he hinted at doubts over his wife’s sexuality.

It was initially thought that a public memorial service would take place at Newark’s Prudential Centre – which seats up to 19,000 people – but the family announced today that they are keeping it to themselves. There will be no public wake either.

The funeral will take place on Saturday at noon in the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where Houston first displayed her singing talents as a child.

The late singer’s body was flown from Los Angeles in a private jet owned by Tyler Perry last night

“They have shared her for 30 some years with the city, with the state, with the world. This is their time now for their farewell,” funeral director Catherine Whigham said.

“The family thanks all the fans, the friends and the media, but this time is their private time.”