Getting There


The easiest and most direct way to reach Botswana is to fly to Johannesburg in South Africa and then catch a connecting flight to either Botswana’s Khama International Airport near Gaberone or the Maun airport to the north of the country. Several small private airlines or tour operators can provide the service, but both Air Botswana and South African Express make regular less expensive flights.


The budget conscious can also opt to fly to the Namibian capital, Windhoek or Johannesburg and drive across the borders with rental vehicles which are available at both international airports.


Buses and minibuses run between Gaborone and Johannesburg as does
a semi-luxury coach service, a bus to Zimbabwe and a bus to Namibia.
Some of these services are prone to disruption — even more so since
political upheaval in Zimbabwe.

Getting Around


With safe and relatively well-maintained roads you will be better advised to rent a car – there are car rental branches at the airports in Gaberone, Maun, Francistown and Kasane.