Jorge Beltrao Negromonte, Elizabeth Pires da Silveira and Bruna da Silva formed a group called Cartel alledgedly with the intention of reducing the population by killing three women a year and strived for “the purification of the world”.

The flesh of their vicitims was thought to have been cooked and put into empanada pastries, similar to cornish pasties. In a Sweeney Todd-esque move their neighbours in the town of Guaranhuns in Brazil were then sold the prepared savoury pastrys which they ate.

According to police they tempted the women by offering babysitting jobs which paid well.

Guaranhuns police spokesman Democrito Honorato said “The details of the actions of the trio, with drawings and explanations of cannibalism, were found in a 50-page book written by Da Silveira, a man with a diploma in education and a black belt in karate. The three ate the flesh of their victims to purify their souls.”

A grim passage Da Silveira’s journal read “Looking at the now lifeless body of the evil adolescent, I feel relieved…we dine on the flesh of evil as a purification ritual. We bury the remainder in the patio.”