On the Oscars red carpet almost as many column inches in magazines are devoted to fashion; the whose wearing who/what as they are to the awards ceremony itself and the competition between the stars is no less fiercely contested.

Hathaway’s sheer backless Prada gown, chosen at the last minute, while being very chic left little to the imagination.

Hathaway’s Oscars entrance was immediately followed by a flurry of reports naming her the ‘Breast Supporting Actress’ for ‘Les Nipplerables’.

In the fashion of Angelina Jolie’s right leg, a twitter account quickly emerged named @HathawayNipples and run by ‘AnneHathawayNipples’.

The embarrassing fashion blunder is not the first of its kind, as only in December the star was snapped ‘Lindsay Lohan style’ stepping out of a car without underwear at the Les Miserables premier in New York.

The Hollywood air certainly looks to have a bit of nip about it, and here I was thinking Los Angeles was temperate and warm year round.