A recent phenomena, flyboarding is for those who always dreamed of flying – it’s practically the same thing! The jetpack (yes, you get to wear a jetpack) launches you through the air, propelled by water and allowing you to jet across the waves at speeds of up to 45km per hour. This adrenaline pumping sport is like no other when it comes to thrills and you’ll look like Iron Man while doing it.
Where: Flyboard Fun, Frodsham, Cheshire 

Cave climbing
Like climbing…But in a cave. This activity should be avoided by those afraid of the dark, small spaces, and heights…Actually you should probably just be an all-round daredevil to take this one on.From families to pros, there are caves across the UK to suit all levels. The lack of light, tight space and water hazards make this an adventure for the most daring of go-getters.
Where: Cave Climb, Cheddar, Somerset 

Not a newcomer to the daredevil scene but it still takes some guts to do it. Jumping from a plane and relying on a piece of material to spring from your back doesn’t exactly sound like an idea of fun but the sense of freedom and liberation is what makes this once in a lifetime thrill worth it– plus, the views from 13,000 feet are pretty epic wherever you choose to jump.
Where: Skydive UK, Honiton, Devon 

Mountain Biking
If you’re picturing the peaceful countryside bike rides from your childhood, then stop now. Mountain bikingisn’t just a bike ride set in the hills, no, we’re talking rough terrain, dirt trails, and freewheeling from near-vertical drops. It takes skill as well as nerve for this sport with strength, balance, and of course the ability to ride a bike, all essential attributes.
Where: Nan Bield Pass, Staveley, Lake District 

White Water Kayaking
From the Scottish Glens to the rapids of Wales, the UK has plenty of exhilarating runs perfect for white water kayaking. For those not familiar with the sport, think of a peaceful canoe ride catapulted into ferocious currents and you’ve got it in one. This river adventure into unpredictable canyons can be done on a Sunday afternoon or extended into a long weekend, however you choose to embark on it, prepare for intoxicating thrills that’ll leave you wanting more.
Where: Canoe Wales, Frondoch, Bala