Britian’s Got Talent suprise find Michael Colling has revealed that he’s only ever played one gig.

Collings, 22, shocked the talent show’s judges, and probably most of Britain, when he appeared on the show last night.

The judging panel initially looked less
than impressed with the Cornwall man. Understandably, as Collings strolled onstage looking scruffy in
tracksuit pants and a bright orange hoodie.

“He looks like he’s
going on a long-haul flight,” Amanda Holden remarked as Collings sat
down with his guitar, to which Michael McIntyre added: “On Easy Jet.’

But they were quickly silenced when he opened his mouth and sung a soulful rendition of Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car.

He received a standing ovation from the audience and three positive votes from the judges.

He revealed that he had only ever played at
his local pub in front of 40 people ‘at my football presentation,’ but
auditioned after his parents encouraged him.

“It’s a big shock to my system to be honest. I definitely wasn’t
expecting this… it’s been an amazing experience, it’s just amazing. I’m speechless to be honest,” he told the Daybreak show this morning.

 “In a way I can’t
really explain it because obviously I wasn’t expecting the crowd
response. I was expecting a sort of crowd response, but obviously it
was amazing to get that sort of response with the standing ovation and
the cheering and things like that – I just wasn’t expecting it so it
was just a shock to my system.”

Collings also told the Daily Star Sunday he wanted to go all the way to the top and bring him the same fame and fortune as Susan Boyle, who appeared on the show two years ago.

“If I get through to the live shows I will definitely smarten up,” he said.

‘I’ll do whatever it takes to release an album… I’d love to be as big as Susan.”

Watch Michael Collings’ performance below: