It focused on that area because four “pings” were detected almost two months ago which were thought to have come from the plane’s black boxes.

Nothing has been found, the signals didn’t come from the black boxes and the search has entered yet another “new stage”.

But could it be that they’ve been looking in the WRONG place all along?

Katherine Tee, a British woman sailing from Kochi in India to Phuket with her husband Marc Horn, says she saw what she believes to be the missing plane billowing black smoke across the sky on the evening of March 7-8.

She wrote on sailing website, Cruisers’ Forum: “I thought I saw a burning plane cross behind our stern from port to starboard, which would have been approximately north to south.

“Since that’s not something you see every day, I questioned my mind. I was looking at what appeared to be an elongate plane glowing bright orange, with a trail of black smoke behind it.”

The 41-year-old who crossed the Indian Ocean between February 20 and March 10 did not report the incident at the time because she was having marital issues and “doubted” what she saw.

But after seeing that authorities may have been searching in the wrong place, she rechecked their sailing log and believes they were near one of the projected flight paths for the aircraft.

“HWMO (her husband) and I looked back through our GPS logs and lo and behold, what we saw was consistent with the confirmed contact which the authorities had from MH370,” Ms Tee wrote.

MH370 vanished into thin air on March 8 while carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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