easyJet is calling on passengers on flights on Wednesday night to share any images they may have captured of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Dozens of easyJet flights were just preparing to descend for landing back to their bases for the night during the peak of the spectacular meteor show. 

With darker skies brought on by the first new moon since 2007, passengers were able to witness up to 100 streaking meteors or shooting stars on show per hour all visible from the comfort of their seats.     

Passengers on flights such as those on EZY7066 from Nice to Liverpool last night which arrived into Liverpool John Lennon Airport just after midnight would have also been in with a chance of seeing the International Space Station which was visible from 10:30 for just four minutes.

Speaking on the event: Ali Gayward, commercial manager for easyJet, said: “Hundreds of our passengers flying with us last night were in the right place at the right time to witness a spectacular show. We are advising passengers flying tonight to keep a look out – who knows they could witness something amazing all from the comfort of their seat.”

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