Billy Caldwell suffers from a particularly severe form or epilepsy called status epilepsy. Whereas a normal epileptic is able to recover from seizures, Billy can’t. At his worst, Billy was having more than 100 seizures a day. It left him unable to live a normal life, and as Billy also suffers from Autism, his future was bleak.

Billy’s Desperate Plight

In desperation, Billy’s mother, Charlotte Caldwell, took him to a specialist center in California. There, experts examined the boy and discovered a devastating lesion during brain scans, which they believed was the cause of his epilepsy. Unfortunately, because of the position of the lesion, the doctors told Billy and his mother they couldn’t operate. Instead, the family were sent to see another specialist in the hope that cannabis oil might offer some respite from the seizures.

Amazing Results from Cannabis Oil

The results were staggering. After eight months of supervised use, medical marijuana proved to be the miracle the Caldwell family were looking for. Billy Caldwell has now been free from epileptic seizures for an amazing 250 days.

Billy’s mum, Charlotte Caldwell, described the results as “massive”.

She told reports that the company that supplied the medical marijuana were so delighted about the positive results for Billy, they wanted to name their medication after the little boy. 

The medical marijuana has not just helped Billy’s epilepsy –his autism is much improved too. Billy’s mother told the press that her son’s eye contact was much improved after eight months on cannabis oil. His walking and balance were also coming on in leaps and bounds and he no longer needed his special needs, supportive boots. Instead, he can now wear trainers, just like any other 11-year-old boy.

It’s a Miracle

Cannabis oil may be hailed as a medical miracle by the Caldwell family, but not all experts believe it is a wonder cure. They say there should be more clinical trials before cannabis oil is used as a cure for epilepsy and other serious health conditions, although one manufacturer does make cannabis oil medication to relieve the symptoms of MS sufferers.

At the moment, cannabis is currently a Class B controlled drug, so possession is an offence. However, cannabis oil is different from cannabis used for recreational drug use, as it does not contain the psychoactive substance that causes the “high” users crave. It’s possible to read more information about CBD Oil here.

Some types of cannabis oil contain THCA, but these are currently illegal in the United Kingdom. A Dublin-based pharmaceutical company is currently developing cannabis oil medicines. They will be the new supplier of “Billy’s Bud”, which will be legal for use in the UK.