If you’re sick of shiny, soulless multiplexes filled with emo teenagers, make sure you head to the Coronet when you next want to see a movie.

The Coronet opened as a Victorian theatre in 1898 and came to be regarded as the finest venue outside the West End. It’s now a little bit tattered around the edges, but it’s still absolutely gorgeous.

The cavernous main cinema has three tiers, with stalls, circle and gallery. It feels like the kind of place King Kong would have been put on show, or where Lockwood and Lamont would have attended a glittering premiere in the golden age of silent film. The fact it now sits largely deserted only adds to its mystique.

It’s £7 for adults, but that goes down to a ridiculously good value £3.50 for all shows on tight-arse Tuesdays.

» Notting Hill Gate, W11 3LB 

Tube: Notting Hill Gate