My job involves… A constant balancing act; cooking, managing, creating, calculating, encouraging, and disciplining. I spend all day working in the kitchen of my restaurant, Parlour, in Kensal Green. Occasionally I venture out onto the floor to see people. I also live above the business with my beautiful twins and beautiful wife Jessie!

I got my job by…Starting at the bottom, which included washing dishes, and a lot of hard graft hauling myself up the ladder.

My day-to-day work includes…The showtime of service; every day is a performance. My cooking style combines traditional pub grub dining with an eclectic, cosmopolitan edge.

The most rewarding part of my day job is… Seeing happy people, and also the staff evolving into real stars!

The most challenging part of my job is…The relentnessness of the work, it never ends!

My advice for anyone looking to get into this industry is… Brace yourself for the hardships. There are times of glamour, but most of it is hard graft, dirty, underpaid and highly stressed. It is all worth it for the good times though.