The course, which is due to start in January, 2015, is run by Nina Gilbey, who has been a silversmith and teacher for over 20 years.

“This structured course is unique. It’s very much design focused. By the end, students will have been exposed to many techniques and expert approaches,” said Nina.

The course may not exactly help you to produce gold from thin air, but giving you some tips on making something that people want to wear from it is a great start.

The course is suitable for complete beginners, and those with basic skills, who wish to learn through a structured programme. However, the course does retain flexibility.

“Learning to be creative, understanding how to think about design and connect with thought processes are as important a part of the course as having a thorough understanding of practical skills,” highlighted Nina.

Basic skills that are at the core of the course include piercing (cutting), filing, annealing, textures, finishing and polishing; chain making, links and findings (clasps, clips and catches).

“Where we differ,” Nina enthuses, “is we take our students on a thought journey that gives them the opportunity to explore, play with ideas and research both the medium and the creative process.”

The new jewellery course will be held just off Shoreditch High Street, an area famous for its creative and vibrant environment. For more information, visit

The course can provide valuable skills and resources that learners use in their career, or perhaps towards studying at a higher level.

Even if your turnover isn’t quite be like the big shot jewellers in the industry, you can actually make a healthy profit in this trade.

It’s a lot less risky than being a jewellery thief, and can be really rewarding, so give it a go!