My job involves… working with my strategic and creative teams to create and deliver great digital advertising for brands like Tresemme and Toni & Guy. We can work on anything from a new website, an app or a YouTube channel. The projects are always diverse and require me to learn about new digital developments or an aspect of a brand I never thought about before.  

I got my job by… making a good impression. Advertising is a very small world – even in the UK – so making a good impression counts and can result in great new job opportunities. Work hard, be enthusiastic and people will remember you. My old colleague told me about the role I am in now and I have in turn recommended people that I knew from previous jobs. 

The most rewarding part of my job is… seeing the creative vision come to life and hearing people talk about it on the tube home! Also rewarding is managing junior account managers: I love seeing them progress up the advertising ladder while being pretty sure half of them will be my boss in time.  

The most challenging part of my job is… selling digital. Our clients’ marketing plans are still dominated by the more traditional advertising approaches of press ads and TV. We need to educate our clients on digital’s potential for their brands – especially when our audience is becoming ever more cynical and digitally savvy.

My advice to anyone who wants a job like mine is… use your common sense. So much of my job is problem solving and what I like to call “fire fighting”. It comes down to using my common sense to triage and attend to the issues. I think a decent knowledge of the digital sphere is important, as are great interpersonal skills and creativity. But using your common sense will get you through most tricky situations. Also, always remember no job or request from the client is too small – sometimes responding well to the little requests is what leaves a lasting impression.

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