Starring: Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Lou Taylor Pucci, Emily VanCamp 

A highly contagious virus has decimated the world’s population, leaving a group of surgical mask-wearing survivors to fight for their lives.

No, it’s not the latest swine flu update, but the chilling, surprisingly engaging apocalypse drama Carriers.

When we catch up with the cast, the world has gone to hell.

Trying to escape the flesh-eating bug are brothers Brian (Pine) and Danny (Pucci), Brian’s girlfriend Bobby (Perabo) and Danny’s friend Kate (VanCamp).

As they make their way to the coast, the foursome run into a father and daughter who need their help. When the group is forced to join forces with the man and his kid, it sets in motion a series of grisly events that strain the relationship within the travel party to breaking point.

The fact that Carriers was made in 2007 and is only released now may suggest it sucks, but there’s a lot to enjoy about Alex and David Pastor’s flick.

Sure, it lacks pace and there’s not enough blood and guts to please the gore hounds, but the acting, by Pine in particular, is decent, the storyline full of suspense, and the climax thought-provoking.

Catch it now.

Good for: Horror fans with patience.