Jedward face the wrath of the Big Brother housemates after John Grimes tried to yank off Amy Childs' bikini bottoms.

The 19-year-old twins wanted to host a chat show in the living room, demanding that the rest of the housemates come straight away to watch it.

Amy Childs, who was busy sunbathing in a bikini, with other housemates, said that they would come and watch it later.

John then grabbed Amy's bikini bottoms, revealing her backside. Amy swore at them and then raced into the house.

Darryn Lyons shouted: "That's bloody disgraceful. Apologise, you don't to that to a woman… Amy's lying face down and went to the back of her bikini bottoms and pulled them up. Those kids need a bloody spank. Repulsive."

Amy later patched things up with John.

She told him: "What you did, babe, like literally, I haven't even toned up my bum or anything, like… just don't do it ever again."

"That was the only thing I was worried about… my bum coming out. Just be careful. It did p**s me off. But I do love you. Gimme a cuddle."

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Jedward have angered fellow housemates by making a mess in the kitchen and not cleaning it up.

They spilled a jar of coleslaw, saying they would "clean it up later", but they didn't so Kerry Katona did it.

Speaking of the twins, Darryn said: "They've got attention spans of a f**king mosquito… Those little f**king f**kers."