A father of three working as a delivery driver to earn extra cash for his family was run down and killed by a crim stealing his Transit van.

Charles Bunyasi, 49, was crushed as he ran back to the vehicle and tried to stop it speeding off in Coulsdon, South London.

A woman who witnessed the incident said Bunyasi was hurled to the ground as he attempted to wrench open the van’s passenger door as it sped away.

“I saw this guy falling on the floor. The van must have gone over him with the back wheels. It was just horrible. I ran over to him. He was groaning in pain and was making a terrible choking noise,” the witness told The Sun.

She  said she only realised something was wrong when Charles suddenly sprinted back towards his white van.

She said: “I heard the engine revving and it screeching as it pulled away.

“I looked up and saw the passenger door opening. The man must
have seen what was happening and had gone back to try and get in the

Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons said: “Charles was an honest man making an honest living.

“He was a working man who had two jobs to supplement his income and to support his family. It is a tragedy.”

Bunyasi, of Mitcham, died in hospital of “catastrophic” head injuries six hours after he was run over on Saturday. Seraphine, 45, was at his bedside.

CCTV footage shows the thief drove up in a blue van as Charles was making his delivery on foot. He parked a few feet in front of the Transit before leaping into its driver seat and starting the engine.

A 28-year-old man was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder.

DCI Lyons said: “The person who has been arrested surrendered himself into police custody.”

A second man was held this morning.

The white van was found last night a few miles from the crime scene.