An Instagram post later I am on my way to Prince Alfred Park. Admittedly we got there after Alison Wonderland had started with Massive Attack’s Teardrop bellowing out to the crowd – strange pick for a DJ set, I thought.

However, what was to come was fresh and undoubtedly audacious. She dropped thirty second skits that sent us from hip hop to house to rock – Naughty by Nature to The 2 Bears to Rage Against the Machine! The set consisted of all time classics that sent the crowd ballistic, to other tracks that showed her own unique palette of music. Post-set discussions with my mates later that night were about Alison Wonderland’s repertoire of music and how exceptional it really was.

For those who don’t know – Alison Wonderland comes from a classically trained background and these early years have paid off. Rhythm is natural to her and Alison’s love for music oozes through her song selection and the dynamics of the set.

Her aura on stage is hypnotic – her little dances between mixes adds a personal touch which inevitably drew her fans in, testing the bouncer’s patience. Alison Wonderland seems to enjoy these cameo jigs from her fans, showing just how humble she is – I hope this stays the same throughout her ever-blossoming career.

With her talent and stage presence, I can assure you we will be seeing a lot more of Miss Wonderland. After listening to her fantastic remix of Ladyhawke’s Blue Eyes and Little Dragon’s Shuffle a Dream – I can safely say that she is on the way to becoming Australia’s little Maya Jane Coles. In a couple of years, she will be within the same caliber, if not better.

Also, I think I can safely say that 100 per cent of the men watching, if not most of the women, ‘definitely would’.  Even my mate’s girlfriend was frothing during her set.

She is one to watch now, and most certainly in the future. Exciting times ahead for the little lady.