Top 10 tips: How to NOT get caught cheating

By Rosie Freeman-Jones, cheating expert for

Avoid office romances. Affairs at work will be found out very quickly. 

If you’re planning on having an affair, try to meet someone outside of your social circle. 

Make sure both parties understand the rules. It’s safest to date someone in a similar situation, so you both have an understanding of what’s at risk.

Have an ’affair friend’ who can act as your alibi when you need one.  

On dates out, always carry cash. Credits card payments leave a traceable trail.

When seeking out lovers online, use private browsing so your browser doesn’t log the pages you visit.

If you’re emailing your new squeeze, create a new, free account your partner doesn’t know about.

Calling your lover is a dangerous business. Make sure no one is around to hear you, and delete the evidence.

Keep an eye on your phone. The most common way for people to get caught is by their partner spying a suspicious text on their mobile. Better yet, get a separate SIM card.

Excuses that are believable are the best. The most common excuse for our members is ’working late’.